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Immovable Property Certificate of the People’s Republic of China
Ԓ18876916617   0898-32276157

After examining and approving the immovable property listed in the certificate applied by the owner, the fact is real. According to the Property Law of the People’s Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations, the certificate is hereby issued in order to protect the lawful rights and interests of owner of immovable property.
Registration Organ: Sanya Bureau of Land and Resources
Special Seal for the Registration of Immovable Properties
Made under the Supervision of Ministry of Land and Resources of the People’s Republic of China
Ԓ18876916617   0898-32276157
Q.(2016) Sanya Immovable Property Right NoXXX

Owner XXX
Co-ownership Solely owned by XXXX
Location XXX
Immovable Property No.: XX
Right Type State-owned Construction Land Use Right/House (Structure) Ownership
Right Property Sell
Purpose City Residence Land/ Residence
Area XXX
Service Life The use right of state-owned construction land starts from XXX
Other Conditions CXXX
Ԓ18876916617   0898-32276157
Pragmatic Remark
S.T.F.(2009) Zi No.XX Alteration
Zhu Han (ID Card No.: XX )
Ԓ18876916617   0898-32276157
House Property Diagram
Land No. XX Structure Reinforced Concrete Private Area (m2) XX
Building No. XXX Total Floors 19 (including underground floor1) Co-owned Area  (m2) XX
House No. Zhu HanXX Floor 6 XX XX
Location Wenming Road, Tianya District, Sanya City X XXX

Drawing: Fu Shuai        Surveying: Xing Jie      
Note: without special seal for examination and approval , the map is invalid.            
Map No.:XX
Verified by: Liu Junfeng                         measuring scale:1:270
Sanya Heli Mapping Service Co., Ltd. (Special Seal for Examination and Approval)
Z“g˾      Ԓ18876916617   0898-32276157


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